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Your roof provides you and your family with safety & comfort, and that’s why you should choose the best roofing contractors in Charlotte NC to take care of it. Metro Metal Roofers ensure that your roof is well-constructed, sturdy, & strong for years to come. We offer comprehensive roofing services and an array of styles to match your homes design. We pair our exceptional roofing services with trusted customer service to ensure you receive the best possible services. We are passionate to provide you with outstanding services so that you can always trust our roofing contractors for installation, repairs, and eventually roof replacements. When it comes to your roof, time is very important. So, give us a call today for a free quote, and start your roofing project in Charlotte NC today.Queen City Metal Roofers


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Our Services

Metal Roof Installation

Our charlotte roofing contractors use top-notch installation protocols to ensure that your investment will last for years to come. We also use high quality materials and provide an array of design options.

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Metal Roof Replacement

Have you heard about the benefits of a metal roof? Maybe you just like the aesthetically pleasing style a metal roof provides. Whatever the reason may be, our metal roof contractors are highly trained to ensure a smooth roof replacement service.

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Metal Roof Repair

Storm damage, insurance claims, no matter what the issue may be, call Metro Metal Roofers today. We highly recommend giving us a call at the first sign of an issue, so a repair is possible, instead of having to undergo a full roof replacement project.

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