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Trying to determine what type of roofing system to put on your new home? Metro Metal Roofers provide roof installation services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Your roof is more than just protection for your home, it also plays a role in style, ventilation, energy efficiency, and so much more! If you aren’t sure whether or not a metal roofing system is right for your home, call us today! We would love to discuss your options & the advantages of a metal roofing system.

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Metal Roofing Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency with Metal Roofing

A metal roofing system can help reduce your energy costs. Typically asphalt shingles absorb and retain heat, which will essentially transfer to the attic and your home. This will cause your HVAC unit to work harder to cool your space down. On the other hand, metal roofs cause a solar reflectance system. This is when a large part of the sun’s energy reflects off the metal roof and bounces back into the atmosphere. With this reflection your roof will cool rapidly once the sun goes down, causing a lower temperature in the attics and in your home. Our metal roofing contractors can even discuss how different finishes, designs, and colors can help provide a greater energy savings compared to other products.

Metal Roofing Durability

Metal roofing provides a lot more durability & weather resistance compared to other roofing systems that are available. This durability allows your roof to have a longer life than others, and it provides a low life cycle cost. Other than being able to withstand weather such as strong winds and impact from debris, metal roofs are also highly fire resistant. In the long run, these advantages mean less repair costs. There is no worrying about shingles flying off due to high winds, and it is less likely for debris to penetrate the roof surface. This durability also can cause you to have a lower insurance premium, which we all really want!

Metal Roofing Durability
Metal Roofing Installation

Trusted Metal Roofing Installation

Our metal roofing contractors are trusted by all! They are up to date on all licenses & always covered by insurance. We can assure you that we only use the best protocols & industries best materials to complete your job at the highest of standards. We are so confident in our metal roofing installation protocols, but roofs are not meant to last forever. So, we also offer expert roof repair services & metal roof replacement services. Call our roofing contractors today to get a free estimate form our professionals.