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Metal Repair Repair- Insurance claim, or not, you can rely on us!

  • We offer the best repair services for residential properties in Charlotte NC & nearby areas.
  • Our licensed contractors provide highly rated construction and renovation services at an affordable price.
  • Whether you are experiencing storm damage, or just old age, our local professionals are here to help.
  • As the #1 metal roofing company in the area, we asses the damages and provide custom free estimates for each individual project.

Every roof repair is different, and our contractors have you covered no matter what the issue may be. Our highly trained and experienced roofing contractors are the best in Charlotte & surrounding areas. We keep everyone up to date on their training and always use the latest and greatest metal roofing system technologies. Have confidence in hiring Metro Metal Roofers to save you stress, time, and money by providing expert repair services.

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Dont Delay Metal Roof Repairs

Don’t Delay Your Metal Roof Repairs

You should always call our metal roofing contractors at the first sign of an issue. If a small issue is left unfixed for too long, the small roof repair could turn into a full roof replacement. When you call Metro Metal Roofers for a free estimate & repair services, rest assure that your roof is doing its job in keeping you and your family safe & comfortable. Since metal roof repairs can be a difficult process they should always be handled by an experienced roofer. Calling us is the best way to address the unique issues every roof system can present.

Do I Need A Roof Repair?

Although a metal roofing system is very durable, it isn’t completely indestructible and immune to harsh weather. Your metal roof could always have issues if it wasn’t installed by a professional team of metal roofing contractors. Leaks can occur from open seams, loose counter flashing, incorrect metal roofing installation methods, and so many other reasons. No worries though, our team will get everything back to normal as soon as possible. Some other issues that can arise and be means for a metal roof repair are panel damages caused from debris or hail, metal roof oxidation, and just old age.

Need A Roof Repair
Maintaining Metal Roofing System

Repairing and Maintaining Metal Roofing Systems

When a metal roofing system is installed properly, it should last for years to come. In order to ensure your roof will last, we highly suggest getting a bi-annual maintenance report completed. This will ensure that any flaws in your roofing system are taken care of quickly and further damage isn’t caused. As a full-service metal roofing company, the professionals at Metro Metal Roofers can take care of your maintenance and any repairs that need to be completed. Call today for a free estimate to get started on protecting your investment.